Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, another dark dreary day here in Niagara, only 35 degrees and YES, I did see some of those white flakes coming down past my window... but they never lasted on the ground. Oh man. I'm really NOT ready for this yet. One good thing though.... Indian Summer always comes after the first snow, so I'll be watching for that. LOL.

OK... I am still waiting for more names for Blue, oh, and will close this contest as of midnight, October 26th, so that gives you 5 days, counting today. AND I am ready to tell you part of the prize you will win if I pick your Birdy name!! I have a very small line of penny rug patterns (4 to be exact, lol) and you will get to pick any one of the four as part of your prize! I will also include some primitive Christmas Ornies!!

Hope you have a wonderful day, and KEEP WARM!!


Anonymous said...

okay, Trace suggests Jay, as in Blue jay. or Beethoven because she/he sings...or will sing. you could do Robin, for Robin's egg, or Aqua.
we'll keep thinking ;)

Arena Josephina said...

LOL. Thanks Kath.