Monday, October 27, 2008

AND.... We have a WINNER!!

Well, actually two winners.... Let me explain. First of all, hubby and I couldn't agree on a name, what I liked, he didn't (so what's new with that!! LOL) Soooooooooo, what I did was put all your names into a hat... Well, actually a margerine container, lol, and pulled one to be the winner... And the winner is.... (insert drum roll here) JUDY REYNOLDS!! Congrats Judy... we didn't pick Cleo for the birdy's name, but we did pull your name from the "hat". LOL. You get to pick which pattern you want out of my big line of 4 patterns - they are on the left column under Patterns. LOL. And I will be sending you some ornie's as well. If you would like your pattern right away, I can send you the e-pattern. Otherwise, I think I am mailing out on Wednesday and could send you a paper pattern then. It's up to you. Just let me know which one you want.

Now, I did mention that there are two winners and I will explain that too. I wandered through the blogs of the contestants, and as I was looking at Kady's wonderful pictures, I came upon a picture of a kitty who's name was Mickey!! Well, I thought to myself... hmmmm. That would be a nice name for Blue... It's for either a boy or a girl, it has the all important "K" sound, and it just suits him or her... So, her name is going to be Mickey!! So, you win a prize too Kady!! You can pick a pattern too, either by email or I will mail it with your ornies.

Now wasn't that fun!!! I think it was and "Mickey" now has a name!!
If the winners could please email me at, with your mailing address, and your choice of patterns, that would be great!!

Thanks all of you for playing!!


Donna said...

Congrats to the winners! I know Judy and she will certainly put your pattern to good use!

Cindy B said...

I know Judy also...she is the perfect winner for your patterns...congratulations to Judy!! woo woo!!

Judy said...

I am so very excited!!!! Thank-you so very much Jude!!!!!! And thank Donna and Cindy for your kind words and you are very right about the patterns!
Jude I would love to have the angel pattern. I love them all and it was a hard choose!! Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!!!!
((((BIG HUGS))))))~Judy

Arena Josephina said...

You are very welcome Judy!! Yesterday must have been your lucky day!! Thanks for the kind words Donna and Cindy, and THANKS to all who played with us!! I plan to have more contests to stay tuned!!

Tami said...

Robin~ Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Please do check back again! Tami